The Engelsman's | Family

The Engelsman Family

The first time I met the Engelsman kids they took me out to their barn to show me their prized chickens, "The Kardashihens." It was so fun seeing the kids play and interact with chickens so of course included the chickens in our photo shoot. Leo and Mya are going to be a big brother and big sister to  sweet little girl this summer. HOW EXCITING!! Congrats Amy & Andrew! We had so much fun taking photos, hanging out, playing with "The Kardashihens," I know it won't be the last time the Engelsman's and I get together. I love meeting new friends through photography!! 


Side note: Amy works with Aware Hope Chest to help improve education, provide basic necessities, and support the children of Ethiopia. If you are interested in ways you can get involved, check out their website and consider sponsoring a child or donating to help ease the kiddos struggles of growing up in a third world country. I am hoping to join Amy in Ethiopia in 2017. More details to come!! 

I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do!