James + Rachel | Anniversary

This June I had the chance to shoot a wedding in Kilkenny, Ireland. (BLOG POST TO COME!!) We extended our travels to tour Ireland and spent a day on the Cliffs of Moher.  I REALLLLLY wanted to photograph people on the cliffs but I didn't know anyone in Clare County. I wouldn't stop talking to my mom about it and I am pretty sure I drove her crazy with this idea.  When we got into Clare, I was searching for a couple dressed cute so I could ask to photograph them. Most people dress in hiking gear and sweatshirts, so it was rare to see anyone dressed up. I was  looking high and low for people...nothing but tennis shoes. LOL

When we got to the end of the cliffs, there was a guy videoing his wife in a white dress. I was so nervous to approach them because they 1. looked like they knew what they were doing with the camera and 2. I am so awkward but HERE WE GO. I got a push to go ask them if I can photograph them. What is the WORST that can happen? They say no....or if it doesn't work...I can just delete the photos. I approached James and his wife Rachel and asked if I can take their photos and we exchanged social media. 

I didn't think anything about it until I got this message from Rachel,



Rachel then later told me that she was on the plane continuously praying for a sign that her and James were doing the right thing. 


My mind can't fully comprehend the fact our hands and feet can be doing His work, right now. Something as insignificant as being the photographer that ask to take photos, can answer a prayer that someone's heart has been longing to have answered. 

I pray that this isn't the last time a photograph blesses someone. I pray that if there is a need, He can use me. I pray for James and Rachel, and anyone else struggling in their marriage.. for redemption, for a solid foundation on the one true love, Jesus Christ.

Thank you, James and Rachel. Thank you for being so open in sharing your struggles and sharing where you find your strength.



If you have any prayer request or questions, please feel free to email me @ hellokyleepaige@gmail.com


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