David + Taylor | Re Married

David + Taylor | Re Married

This is going to be longer than my typical post because this wedding was SO near and dear to my heart.

I met Taylor in Colorado when I flew out to Breckenridge for a photography workshop. She was also from Grand Rapids, but it wasn’t until after the workshop when we really connected. When we first arrived at the workshop and were introducing ourselves, we were instructed to share a fun fact about ourselves. Her fun fact was “I am dating my ex-husband.” When she said this I had goosebumps on my arms, as I actually do now just typing this.

After we were back in GR we went out, I learned more about her David and their two beautiful little girls. Their story was that of a storybook. One day I opened my messages to see a gorgeous ring & lots of heart eyes. THEY WERE RE-ENGAGED.


David + Taylor | The official story starts July 2, 2011.  The day they first said “I Do.”

Here are two people who fell in love young, had babies, got married, were forced to grow up quicker than anticipated, changed, went their separate ways, grew on their own, learned, appreciated, restored their relationship one healthy conversation at a time, and came back renewed and better than before.

This is such a rare occasion and needs to be celebrated. In social media land, people make marriage look like the happiest, flowery, easiest thing you and your lover can do. In the essence of things, “getting married” is the easiest part. Staying married (or choosing to be re-married) however is working through problems, accepting differences, compromising (lots of compromising), forgiving, reminding yourself to stay selfless, and making a point to dedicate your unperfect life to loving one unperfect person.


David + Taylor | July 2, 2016. on what would be their fifth anniversary, these two recommitted their lives to each other.

For their hearts, for their daughters hearts, how amazing is it that these two reunited as an unbreakable team? I am on Team Running, how about you?


(Also this is the first wedding I have done for a fellow photographer, and I was HONORED she chose me. Check out Taylor’s gorgeous work here.)

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Wedding Dress : Ralph Lauren // http://www.ralphlauren.com/

Groom : Old Navy // www.oldnavy.com

Flower Girls : abercrombie // www.abercrombiekids.com

Sunflower Bouquets : Fleurology Designs // http://fleurology-designs.com/

Sunflowers for Centerpieces : Ken's Fruit Market // http://www.kensfruitmarket.com/

Hairstylist : Laura Sterkenberg

Rentals : D2 Tents // www.facebook.com/D2Tents/

Vocals : Olivia Rivera // www.facebook.com/blancaluzband/

Signage + Cards : UPrinting // http://www.uprinting.com/