Benedikt + Amy | Engaged

A small world, indeed.

Summer of 2018 I shot Ben + Sarah’s wedding in Kikenny, Ireland (see their wedding here.) At the reception, I was seated next to Benedikt and Amy. He is from Germany, she is a Michigan native, and now they live in Germany. We spent dinner hour getting to know each other and I instantly loved their personalities and adoration for one another. When Amy stepped away from the table, I asked Benedikt if he was planning on proposing in the future…he blushed, and that was all I needed. ANYWAYS - fast forward to September… I see on Facebook, my friends from Germany are engaged! I was virtually celebrating with them! Then I received a message from Amy that they are in Grand Rapids for Art Prize and she asked if I would take their engagements…WELL OF COURSE!!! Until next time, my friends. <3

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